Have a Doolittle Day!

Doolittle Edutainment Corp., is a children’s education and entertainment company. Doolittle was created to target toddlers and young children.

Have a Doolittle Day!Doolittle the GorillaDoolittle is a charismatic, rough’n’tough little Gorilla who is a bit mischievous, has more than a little “attitude”, but is also cool and cuddly. He’s supposed to be an all-round good guy. Doolittle was created to befriend, teach and capture the imagination of kids by excelling at sports, seeking adventure and enjoying things that are popular with children.

Mainstream characters are today frequently involved in altercations or battle situations and provide limited educational value. While there is no requirement for Doolittle to be a “family values” character, good citizenship, decency and manners are an underpinning we have instilled in the stories and assets developed to date. The vision was to position Doolittle, along with his side kicks- kicks, Ajax and R-Dub, in various situations that evoke a need for kids to make positive decisions. The story lines are designed to promote tolerant messages while keeping children engaged and entertained.

It is our goal to teach and entertain kids with Doolittle as a positive role model. Thank you and have a fun and adventurous Doolittle Day!